Do you sell paper manuals?
No, we only provide digital download manuals that you can instantly view and print off from your computer. No physical copy or CD-Rom was send to you.

Are there any benefits to purchasing a digital manual compared to a paper one?
Yes! There are many benefits in using a digital manual rather than a paper one. To see all of the benefits of purchasing a digital manual please see this page: The Benefits of Digital

Will I be able to print a paper copy of the manual?
Yes! You can print out just the pages you need or the entire manual, and if you lose or damage the manual you can always print a new one.

What options can I use to purchase a manual?
We accept Paypal, Debit, and Credit card.

Where do I download the manual after I have paid for it?
After you purchased a manual from us you will be emailed an email labeled “Shop Manual PDF”. Inside this email will be the download links that you will use to download your manuals.

If you haven’t received any emails from us:

  1. Our emails are being flagged as spam. Check your junk/ spam folder.
  2. You are checking the wrong email. Make sure you are checking the email that you used to register with.
  3. You misspelled your email when registering. Contact us and provide your transaction detail.

If you have received emails from us, but have not received an email labeled “Shop Manual PDF” it will be due to two reasons:

  1. PayPal or Google Checkout is still processing your payment. Usually payments are processed instantly, however sometimes it will take longer. If it has been over one hour since you paid and still haven’t been emailed the download links fill out this form.
  2. You chose the “eCheck” method when paying with PayPal. We will have to manually push the order thru if you used the eCheck method of payment for PayPal. Fill out this form and check “yes” on the “if you paid with an eCheck” option.

I am having trouble viewing/ downloading the manual, what should i do?
If you are having any problems downloading a manual please contact us.

I waited too long to download my manual and now it says the link has expired?
Due to security reasons the download links emailed to you will only last 3 days. After that you will need to contact us using the Contact Page.

Do you provide phone support?
No, if you need to contact us please use this form. The reason for this is because in most cases there is nothing that we can state over the phone that will instantly solve the problem. Using a contact form gives us more information and lets us fix the problem. It also makes it much easier to send url links, files, etc.

We can usually answer emails within 24-48 hours. If it has been over two days and you have not yet received a response from us first check your spam folder and then try contacting us again using the contact form above. Make certain that when you type your email address into the form it is the correct spelling.